Koala September Newsletter and Sale

We have just introduced the worldís smallest male chastity cock cage!
The Pygmy Cock Cage is so small it is almost unimaginably small.  It is about as close as you can get to being a eunuch and still keep your cock. The Pygmy will take all the man out of you and leave you the sissy, cuckold or sexless being that you are.

Yes, we are busy working on new swimwear styles.
Thirteen to be exact and they will be awesome! Our goal is to have the total collection ready for the Christmas season. There will be bulge styles, femme styles, styles with the great rear cut design of the Male Room,which is our best ever selling Bikini. Yes, it is the perfect bikini in every sense of the word. You will find interesting fabrics with many new styles that are sure to put a smile on your face and a wet spot on your new suits!

I would love to know how you prefer to show off your penis. This would help guide me with future designs. What sort of pouches do you prefer?
Ones that make your penis look as large as possible?
Ones that compress and makes the bulge extremely small
Ones that change the shape into a vagina look or completely flat pussy style that shows off the actual shape of the penis in a penis shaped pouch or a pouch that accentuates the shape of the shaft with the balls in a separate pouch?
I would love to hear your views on how you like to display that beautiful cock of yours! Hinc28@socal.rr.com

Facebook and the Beach
I did it!  Last month I spent a day at the beach with a girlfriend, who not only is extremely lovely but enjoys taking photos. I wanted to get some candid non-model shots (me) at the beach wearing some of my favorite designs. The photos are all being posted on my Facebook page and some of the fun Facebook groups I have joined. I know my body will never be close to perfect, but it is so much fun letting that inner exhibitionist free on the internet.

The Summer of Femme
There were so many great beach days this summer and, hopefully, we will have more, maybe right through October. My beach day attire was split almost 50/50 between wearing micro thongs and wearing Femme style thongs.These are all camel toe style suits, which happen to be my personal femme favorites! Adding Femme styles to my beach selection literally doubles the excitement of the experience.Best of all, the experience of wearing a bulge style suit versus a femme style suit is like night and day. Both are uniquely different and amazing in their own ways.

Results from my ass workout routine. Itís easy to do and anyone can get results.
You can have a better ass, but it is going to cost you. Not in money, but definitely in the effort needed to accomplish your goal.You will need to invest some time, too. The good news is that anyone can do it the benefits start happening right away and you can do it almost anywhere. The magic word is Squats. The Beatles might have said ďall you need is loveĒ but, if you want to improve your ass; give it a better shape and a fuller, more voluptuous look, then doing Squats is just what the doctor ordered.  There are literally hundreds of videos on YouTube showing you how to do a Squat without hurting your back or knees. But I promise your ass muscles will be sore if you do it right. Donít worry; itís a good kind of sore.

Talking about Cock Rings and the Crazy New Snake Charmer
The first time I tried on the Snake Charmer cock ring, I was hooked. I loved the way it handled my cock giving a totally unique experience among cock rings. The shaft is threaded through the two rings and, as you start to get aroused, the magic starts to happen and you canít help but get aroused. We started offering the Snake Charmer just a couple of months ago and it zoomed into the top five best-selling cock ring designs right away.

Cock Ring Crazy: This New Design is Scary fun.
The newest addition to our large and ever growing collection of cock rings and cock gear is the Gates of Hell. It is less a cock ring and way more like a ball torture/ ball sack/ testicle cage. It offers the finest stainless steel construction and is literally a functional work of art once you get over the fear of trying it. I can tell you from my personal experiences of using it that there is nothing else quite like it. Extremely intense pleasure mixed with a little trepidation is what you will experience.

New Product a\Alert!! The Penis Gym
If you are into shaft stretching or interested in, possibly, enjoying a shaft stretching workout: read on. I found a very interesting product called The Penis Gym and I have been playing with it for weeks, stretching my shaft for hours on end. Shaft stretching lets the shaft be as large as is possible, whether erect or flaccid. Itís tough work but, hey, someone has to do it J

What makes this device unique is that it uses a vacuum shaft sleeve that connects with suspenders to let you adjust the amount of pull on the shaft. It is totally adjustable, so you can use as little or as much tension as you prefer. It is so comfortable that you can wear it while working on the computer, watching TV, or just hanging out. The vacuum formed while your shaft is in the silicone sleeve almost feels like it is in a loverís mouth which is always a nice feeling.

How wide can you go?
We offer the highest quality of Anal Stretcher Plugs made in the USA, machined right here in Los Angeles. These are beautiful but functional designs created to help you become engaged with anal sex. Our smallest plug 1.5Ē for newbies is the perfect size to learn to enjoy anal sex or for people with very tight holes. We go all the way up to our new insane size, which is 3.5Ē.That is larger than many a fist for you anal loving, high achievers out there.  There are many sizes in between these two.

I did not mean to make this newsletter so heavily anal oriented but, WTF, our plug powered swimwear designs have been more popular than ever. We call them plug powered swimwear because, obviously, based on how popular and where we ship them (everywhere in the world!), men are using them for much more than swimwear. Think about how awesome it is, no matter what your sexual orientation is, that you can slip into swimwear, underwear, fun wear, club wear (for you wild guys) or just hang out around the house wear; all the while being fucked in the ass, non-stop, always hard, and extremely stimulating and arousing.

Okay, just one more paragraph about anal. I need your input, not your cock up my ass, but feedback about anal plugs. Many guys I have talked to tell me they are into wearing these jeweled anal plugs. I do love the way they look, and I have in fact used them myself. They are very alluring. That said, Iím not sure about offering them, though I do have a very good supplier of high quality jeweled stainless steel and aluminum butt plugs. Is this a product you want? Please let me know koala@la.twcbc.com

Giant September Koala Newsletter Sale!
Not all designs are available in all sizes. Some of the sale suits are limited stock items and once they are gone they are gone for good, so shop early!
There are a number of designs that are on sale for the first time ever! They might not be on sale again for quite a long time. Make sure to check it all out. Fall is the perfect time to fall in love with some new styles.  We are offering some of our largest discounts ever. Enjoy the experience.
One of the largest sales of the year! We are thinking about changing the sales to every three months so it might be a while before you see another one.

Order any four sale suits and get a free Surprise C-string!

Cock Package Bikini
Reg.$36.00  Sale $24.00

Alpha Male
Reg.$38.00 Sale $23.00

Reg.$35.00 Sale $21.00

Beach Voyeur
Reg.$34.00 Sale $22.00

Cock Treasure
Reg.$37.00 Sale $25.00

Cock Magic
Reg. $34.00 Sale $23.00

Ego Booster
Reg.$34.00 Sale $24.00

Deep End Bikini
Reg.$38.00 Sale $25.00

Boy Toy
Reg.$36.00 Sale $25.00

Ass Invasion
Reg.$32.00 Sale $21.00

Heavy Metal
Reg.$36.00 Sale $22.00

Money Shot
Reg.$36.00 Sale $24.00

Grinder Micro
Reg.$37.00 Sale $24.00

Gapping Fun Sheer
Reg.$32.00 Sale $20.00

Golden Slit
Reg.$33.00 Sale $20.00

Fuck Shorts
Reg.$38.00 Sale $23.00

Make A Wish
Reg.$37.00 Sale $24.00

Elation Bulge
Reg.$38.00 Sale $25.00
http://www.koalaswim.c Sale $om/Elation-Bulge_p_602.html

Reg. $34.00 Sale $23.00

Party Whore
Reg.$36.00 Sale $22.00

Panic Attack
Reg.$40.00 Sale $25.00

Reg.$34.00 Sale $21.00

Perfect Creation
Reg.$34.00 Sale $23.00

Penetration Bikini
Reg.$34.00 Sale $22.00

Peep Show
Reg.$31.00 Sale $19.00

Rear Assault
Reg.$38.00 Sale $24.00

Real Man Bikini
Reg.$36.00 Sale $25.00

Real Brazil
Reg.$37.00 Sale $24.00

Rainbow Slit Bikini
Reg.$36.00 Sale $20.00

Pounding Fury
Reg.$36.00 Sale $23.00

Feminized Red
Reg.$32.00 Sale $19.00

Fire Zone
Reg.$36.00 Sale $19.00

Evil Angel
Reg.$33.00 Sale $19.00

Ass Virgin
Reg.$47.00 Sale $26.00

Bliss Control Freak
Reg.$37.00 Sale $26.00

Balls Out
Reg.$36.00 Sale $20.00

Stand At Attention
Reg.$33.00 Sale $19.00

Spontaneous Bikini
Reg.$33.00 Sale $22.00

Super Charged
Reg.$36.00 Sale $22.00

Shy Slut Bikini
Reg.$34.00 Sale $19.00

Shocking Bright
Reg.$38.00 Sale $23.00

Sugar Daddy
Reg.$36.00 Sale $24.00

Work That Cock
Reg.$33.00 Sale $20.00

Cock City Pouch
Reg.$29.00 Sale $19.00

Changed Man Bikini
Reg.$36.00 Sale $26.00

Secret Angel
Reg.$34.00 Sale $22.00

Sex Pistol
Reg.$32.00 Sale $19.00

Gender Flex
Reg.$34.00 Sale $25.00

Girl Power
Reg.$37.00 Sale $26.00

Girl Slut
Reg.$37.00 Sale $26.00

Temptress G-string
Reg.$33.00 Sale $22.00

The Sire Thong
Reg.$36.00 Sale $24.00

Ram Rod
Reg.$36.00 Sale $23.00

Penis Boy
Reg.$34.00 Sale $19.00

Maniac Pouch
Reg.$30.00 Sale $20.00

Take It Hard
Reg.$34.00 Sale $19.00

Smoking Gun
Reg.$32.00 Sale $18.00

Blue Boy Bikini
Reg.$34.00 Sale $18.00

Reg.$36.00 Sale $18.00

Reg.$37.00 Sale $19.00

Pinnacle Bikini
Reg.$34.00 Sale $19.00

Reg.$30.00 Sale $17.00

Muscle Bound
Reg.$37.00 Sale $19.00

Personal Note
Straws are just the start. My passion is to clean up the planet even if that is one straw at a time. That said, I support Californiaís new plan to outlaw offering plastic straws at restaurants. Other than seeing tons of cigarette butts all over almost every beach I visit, every part I visit, in fact, almost any place you go, plastic straws, run a close second to those cigarette butts. Theseare the items that seem to end up all over the place and to what end. I think I can get by without one.Can you?

Peace and Love
Michael David

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