Koala July Newsletter and Sale

Summer is here!. It is the most daring time of the year and, for most Koala fans, including myself, the most fun. Slipping on a tiny swimsuit that barely covers a thing; grabbing your favorite cock shaped pouch suit or maybe a tiny pair of cheek exposing short shorts is your suit of choice. It may be that crossing over to the feminine side with one of our transformation designs might be your pleasure. Many Koala customers and readers of this newsletter are much like me in that they own a number of different styles of swimwear. One day, you might feel like showing off a nice meaty bulge. The next day, a tiny little lady like camel toe might be the order of the day. After all, it is widely known that variety is the spice of life. Summer is the best time to test your boundaries and your comfort zone. I encourage you to get out and show off that hot bikini, sexy thong or tiny G-string, and do it in public. Hit the beach wearing something extremely sexy, wear that micro swimsuit on your next vacation or surprise your friends at the next pool party and let them know what you are really into!

Your ass can always look better with some work. I started doing squats with a 50lb weight a couple of months ago. Five days a week, sets of 30 reps for a total of 300 reps a day. For the most part, I got all 300 in each day. I tried hard not to miss. It has increased my core and leg strength but, even better; it is reshaping my ass which something I really wanted to do. I was looking on youtube.com and spotted this workout. The movement made a lot of sense to me, deep squats holding the weight between your legs.  Make sure to keep your eyes looking ahead and slightly up. Do them slowly. You might even go onto youtube.com for butt workouts. There has been lots of work involved but, done right, there is no strain on the back or knees, something we donít need as we all get older. My ass is not perfect yet, but itís getting there and it is looking so much better I might just start running on the beach wearing a bikini and maybe even a thong! I see lots of ladies doing it and what is good for them must be even more exciting for us!

There are so many new products to talk about that Iím not sure where to start! Since it is almost summer letís start with our three new Neoprene swimwear designs.

Our first two neoprene designs, the Skin Diver and Wet Slut, are runaway best sellers. That pretty much blew us away because we had no idea how well they were going to sell.
The Skin Diver and Wet Slut have femme style fronts that give a smooth feminine look. The three new designs are all micro bulge styles. The bulge shapes are small and tasty. If your cock is tiny like mine, it will look nice and full, but still extremely small. If your cock is medium sized or large, it will be compressed into a very micro bulge, and you will be displayed with a much smaller looking penis. Not totally feminine, but not extremely masculine, either. A great pouch design to wear at any party, beach, or poolside at any hotel.

Skin Baby Thong/Micro Bikini is a lovely micro front pouch with a thong rear that, in a pinch, can be used as a micro bikini.

Body Heat Bikini is a design that shows some cheek while compressing the penis into a very small but ample little bulge.

Beach Dazzled Bikini offers a total full back bikini experience with a micro front bulge, while looking totally hot in neoprene.

See these new designs at Koalaswim.com under the Neoprene Swimwear section.

Now in stock!
Black and Tan Tango Cum Dam/Head Enlargers
When you want to make any pouch look much larger, this is the perfect addition, designed to be used all day long. The Tango also keeps your swimsuit from getting wet from the inside out, which means that there is no more precum spots on your tiny spandex micro thong, bikini, shorts or tights. We all get them because spandex is so arousing but now everyone else does not have to see it. Donít go on vacation without at least a couple Tangos.

Here are Some Highlights of our New Male Chastity Cages, Cock Rings and Anal Gear
The new Rams Head Cock Ring is a huge silicone ring in an oval shape that forces the shaft and balls forward. Awesome for sex, great to be seen in or the perfect way of making that not so large cock look exceedingly large!

The new Slut Jail is one of the most comfortable and attractive cock cages I have ever used. It feels great and it is smooth and sexy. Talking about smooth and sexy, your shaved cock and totally hairless bikini area is the perfect launching pad for the new Mission Control Lockless Chastity Cage. Created with crystal clear silicone that molds to the shape of your cock.

The new Safe-T Cage is one of the most secure environments to keep any possibility of sex from happening. It looks amazing, too.
The new Pig Action Anal Stretching Plug is not only fun for opening that tight ass, but works great as a protective inner sleeve/fuck plug to accommodate longer and more satisfying anal sex.

There are so many new products we have just added to Koalaswim.com, but there is not a ďNew ProductĒ section, and there is a reason for that. Virtually all our products are shown being used with models and many of the shots show full nudity. At Koala, we feel that is the only way to show a product; that is showing it being used. This is totally natural to us but, alas, many search engines and websites that we advertise on are so afraid of male nudity that it is ridiculous. You can show the female form just about any way you want on any site, I love that and would not change that for the world. Bodies should be seen and enjoyed, but there is a huge double standard for nude men. We have been fighting that for years and we still continue to fight it. Sorry for being so long winded, but I need to get that out of me every once in a while. Back to where you will find the new products on our site.

Look at the last couple of pages in these sections: The Male Chastity Store, The Cock Ring Corner, Plugs and Ass Sparks, and Neoprene Swimwear.

Summer Sale
Be advised that not all suits are available in all sizes. Picture how cute you will look in the following designs.
Our Biggest getting ready for Summer Sale Ever!!!
+Buy any three sale suits and get a FREE C-Sling! (it will be automatically added to your order but it will not show on your online receipt)

Cock Package Bikini Sale Price $25.00


Black magic Sale Price $26.00


Baller Sale Price $24.00


Beach Voyeur Sale Price $23.00


Panic Attack Sale Price $27.00


Grinder Micro Sale Price $26.00


Golden Slit Sale Price $23.00


Make a Wish Sale Price $26.00


Fire Zone Sale Price $25.00


Naughty Sale Price $24.00


Fuck Shorts Sale Price $27.00


Pretty Thing Sale Price $26.00


Elation Bulge Sale Price $26.00


Engorged  Sale Price $24.00


Pretty Boy Sale Price $26.00


Peep Show Sale Price $22.00


Pounding Fury Sale Price $23.00


Candy Man Sale Price $22.00


Boy Toy Sale Price $26.00


Ripped Blue Boy Sale Price $22.00


Stream Line Sale Price $21.00
(one of my personal favorites!)


Spread and Lubed Sale Price $22.00


Love Fountain  Sale Price $22.00


Take It Hard Sale Price $22.00


Pinnacle Bikini Sale Price $22.00


Cream Stick Sale Price $23.00


The Answer Bikini Sale Price $20.00


Secret Wish Full Back Sale Price $23.00


Wet Spot Sale Price $23.00


Power Slut G-string Sale Price $22.00


Rainbow Slit Sale Price $25.00


Real man Sale Price $26.00


Secret Angel Bikini Sale Price $24.00


Slut G-string Sale Price $20.00


Shy Slut Bikini Sale Price $22.00


Sex Pistol Sale Price $20.00


Super Charged Sale Price $24.00


Spontaneous Bikini Sale Price $25.00


Sweet Boy Sale Price $22.00


Cock City Pouch Sale Price $20.00


Ram Rod Sale Price $25.00


Wicked Boy Sale Price $22.00


Work That Cock Sale Price $22.00


Thunder Struck Sale Price $24.00


Trouble Maker Sale Price $26.00


Temptress G-string Sale Price $22.00


Third Sex Sale Price $24.00


Micro Bitch Sale Price $24.00


The Sire Thong Sale Price $25.00


Penis Boy Sale Price $23.00


Slut Bitch Sale Price $23.00


Male Chastity Cages on Sale

Brutal Cage Sale Price $39.00


Manless Ultra Sale Price $39.00


Manless Ultra Curve Sale Price$39.00


Man Slut Sale Price $36.00


Matrix Silver Bullet Sale Price $27.00


Sissy Boy Slave Sale Price $36.00


Personal Note
Letís talk about personal things we can do that can help the planet in little ways, but first; let me wish you a happy and exciting summer, if it is summer in your part of the world. Easy fix: Letís stop using plastic straws.It is such a simple thing to do. There are so many straws in the ocean   that it is beyond belief. Stop using one time plastic bags.They are such a waste and so many of those end up in the ocean, too. Did you know there is a floating garbage pile of plastic waste in the Pacific Ocean larger than the state of Texas? I know; it seems unbelievable, but do some research on it for yourself and you will see. Go ahead and Google it.Be prepared to get upset. It is obscene that we are leaving this for future generations. Read the Plant Messiah. It is a great summer book, but more so,it is a great read any time for any one, I loved the story and believe that you will, too.
Be good to yourself and be good to the planet.

Peace and Love,
Michael David

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