February Koala Newsletter

About the New Koalaswim.com Shopping Experience:
I hope you have been enjoying our new online store. We used a lot of customer feedback to make the store as easy as possible to navigate and place your orders. I would love to hear about any additional features you would like to see on the store. Please send your ideas directly to me at hinc28@socal.rr.com
Michael David

Naming products is one of my responsibilities that I enjoy doing but, at the same time, it drives me a little nuts. The process involves working on a list of names that come to me based on the products and designs we are working with. Sometimes, the list grows to over a hundred names and more. Once the list is in place, I take each product or design that I am working with and find the name that fits it perfectly.  Often, I can just look at the swimsuit, shorts or male chastity design and the item will tell me what itsí name should be. More often than not, there is sexuality in that name. It is the bit of freak in me that is always in play. If you have any name ideas, please send them to hinc28@socal.rr.com. You never know. It might end up on one of the new designs.

New Products:
By the time you receive this e-mail, a number of new products will have been added (I hope!) to Koala, including our first ever neoprene suits.

Neoprene Designs: The following is actually part of the copy for these two new designs, but I thought it would fit nicely into the newsletter.

Our Little Neoprene Story:
I have always wanted to try making swimwear designs out of neoprene, but we have found it extremely difficult to find a supplier that could make them for us in that most important combination of requirements

Quality: At Koala, we have always prided ourselves on exceptional, custom
level, quality swimwear. We searched for years to find a supplier to make our designs in neoprene, and we have finally found it. Superb craftsmanship and amazing quality neoprene creations.

Value: In the past, we had found other craftspeople to make us samples that were of high quality, but, to actually create them for resale still meant making them one at a time. As it turns out, one at a time is the only way to work on these designs. Many times, we were quoted higher prices to have them made than we wanted to sell them for: never a great lon term plan. We now have a supplier that makes the quality we need and the value we demand.
The Skin Diver Bikini is a wear anywhere bikini. It is a femme style, bulge hiding bikini that can do double duty as a flat style pouch similar to the bulge on a Speedo style swimsuit. In short, that means it is a swimsuit any guy can wear. You can look totally femme but, because of the thickness of the fabric similar to a wetsuit, it cancels out your bulge normally. This is a great beach suit and a spectacular party bikini. It is a very interesting style that is bound to light up the neoprene fetish you never knew you had.
The other neoprene design is the Wet Slut Thong. Neoprene is not form fitting like spandex, but it is still skin tight and is made to hide your bulge while showing off your body. This is a great looking classic thong that will be at home working out, playing on the beach, relaxing out in the sun, or seducing that special someone.
One interesting fact about neoprene swimsuits is that, unlike the big wet spots we all get wearing spandex bikinis and thongs (donít lie I know you get them, too), there is no show through wearing neoprene, though get turned on enough, and you will be collecting plenty of fresh juice inside your new panties.  Thatís right; they do make awesome undies, too.

Here are just a few of the many new male chastity items:
Pound Puppy Cock Cage
This is a new ultra micro cock cage just for you boys like me with tiny little cocks that need to be put in their places. You will be amazed at the great looking design with comfort features and incredible good looks. The Puppy Pound has a lovely feature I have never seen on any other male chastity cage: built in glans rings to add a wonderful touch of stimulation to that caged puppy.

Full Service Cock Cage
This one is a truly unique experience. It is a cage that is a stunning example of a medical style cage design. Even before you introduce the stainless steel penis plug which, on its own might be intimidating to first time users, your cock is loaded into a triple cock ring with the shaft being led through a multi ring cage. Once the shaft is in place you can introduce the penis plug. The plug is fully adjustable so, if you are new to using one, it allows you to insert in small increments that build up to taking the full plug. A little lube and you are on your way to intense pleasure. Interesting fact: while trying this design on with models and myself, we all started to get intensely wet with precum the second the plug touched the penis head, dripping wet. This was from guys whom have used plugs before and guys that were absolute first timers. My take on this is having the shaft caged up with nowhere to hide causes intense anticipation and arousal.

Under our incredible selection of cock rings, you will find a massive sized new offering:
Lord of the Cock Rings (thatís the name I came up with the first time I tried it on): This might just be the most incredible cock ring I have ever used! It is so fucking heavy you canít believe it your cock will be able to handle it. The quality is so incredible that you will be blown away by the feel just touching it. When your shaft and balls are pulled through the oval shaped hole, your erection will be nothing short of astonishing. My hardon was so insane that it felt like my cock was going to burst. There was nothing I could do short of a full orgasm that made me feel better. It seems like having that smooth, heavy cock ring on caused some of the biggest loads of my life; out of this world ejaculations.

Who would ever guess that one of our very best selling non-swimwear products would be something called the Strap-on Pussy and, in addition from a company that made showing cock into an art form. I believe the Strap-on Pussy is just such a compelling product to so many people. It is very realistic and the perfect toy to play with your gender bending desires.

Going almost nude get easier with practice:
I know for many readers of this newsletter, guys not unlike myself, the thought of wearing little even while around people wearing so much more is second nature. Barely a thought that crosses our minds. Tiny spandex swimwear is very much like our second skin, and many of us are extremely comfortable in our second skin. This little bit of information is for you men that are just starting to wear extreme swimwear or even just contemplating it. Even the idea of wearing something so small in public is enough to get most men nervous, and actually doing it is quite an undertaking the first few times for many of us. We all know it is natural for girls to wear next to nothing because they start young, but boys are pushed to hide everything all the time. I remember the first time I had a bikini on in public. It was barely smaller than a Speedo and, yet, I really did feel like everyone could see everything. The only way to get over that feeling is to simply do it over and over again. Practice does make perfect and it also leads to wearing smaller and smaller designs. I have gone from wearing that almost Speedo bikini to wearing the smallest suits anyone, including myself, can imagine. I have no issues hitting a nude beach even if I am the only one nude there. It is amazing how introducing little challenges can produce big results. Itís fine and normal to be nervous about trying something new. Just donít let that feeling take total control of your life.

Winter Time Workout
I know it is the middle of winter. Maybe not here, but over most of the US, Asia and Europe. However, it is never too early to start getting in shape for summer. My workout goals are to put on more muscle and get rid of some of that excess fat. Sounds simple enough, but it is so fucking hard to do. I have been doing lots of outdoor stuff, just about anything that lets me wear spandex tights. I ordered a set of Bowflex adjustable weights for work, and I am going to literally bust my ass to try to get it to look rounder, fuller and sexier. Not sure if I can, but it will not be for lack of trying.
Crazy ideas?
Are you looking for a product that is even remotely similar to our suits, chastity gear, cock rings or anything else like these? Some of our best new products come from customer ideas. I would love to hear yours. Hinc28@socal.rr.com

Koala Newsletter Sale
Since moving to our new shopping platform we have added and continue adding many new subscribers to the newsletter. I welcome all you newbies and would like to take a minute to explain a bit about our bi-monthly newsletter sale. Many of the designs on sale are regular stock with good inventory in every size but if we run out of a style in your size we will put it on back-order and ship it when it is back in stock, generally two weeks maximum. Some items are discontinued styles are we have limited stock and limited sizes, once we are out we are out forever. Let the shopping begin and have fun finding Koala treasures.

Alpha Male
Reg.$38.00  Sale $27.00

Work That Cock
Reg.$33.00 Sale $24.00

Wicked Miss
Reg.$58.00 Sale $37.00

Wicked Boy
Reg.$33.00 Sale $24.00

Wet Works
Reg.$33.00 Sale $21.00

Total Enhancement
Reg.$32.00 Sale $20.00

Real Brazil
Reg.$37.00 Sale $26.00

Thunder Struck
Reg.$36.00 Sale $25.00

Tasty Penetration
Reg.$36.00 Sale $26.00

Take It Hard
Reg.$34.00 Sale $22.00

Stand At Attention
Reg.$33.00 Sale $23.00

Spontaneous (one of my personal favorites)
Reg.$33.00 Sale $24.00

Real man

Reg.$36.00 Sale $24.00

Sex Pistol
Reg.$32.00 Sale $24.00

Reg.$30.00 Sale $20.00

Ass Spark G-string

Reg.$30.00  Sale $23.00

Rainbow Slit
Reg.$36.00 Sale $25.00

Raging Excitement
Reg.$39.00 Sale $27.00

Reg.$34.00 Sale $26.00

Pegging Brazil
Reg.$37.00 Sale $28.00

Options Stretcher
Reg.$46.00 Sale $32.00

Make A Wish
Reg.$37.00 Sale $26.00

Money Shot
Reg.$36.00 Sale $20.00

Micro Bitch

Reg.$33.00 Sale $24.00

Mega Stretch
Reg.$36.00 Sale $20.00

Reg.$38.00 Sale $25.00

Cock Treasure
Reg.$37.00 Sale $27.00

Reg.$32.00 Sale $24.00

Impaled Bikini
Reg.$36.00 Sale $25.00

Grinder Micro
Reg.$37.00 Sale $26.00

Gold Rush
Reg.$39.00 Sale $27.00

Gilded Cage
Reg.$36.00 Sale $24.00

Cream Stick Explosion
Reg.$32.00 Sale $23.00

Giga Cock
Reg.$36.00 Sale $25.00


Gapping Fun Sheer
Reg.$32.00 Sale $20.00

Full House
Reg.$32.00 Sale $21.00

Deep Entry
Reg.$36.00 Sale $24.00

Fire Zone
Reg.$36.00 Sale $23.00

Reg.$34.00 Sale $22.00

Ego Booster
Reg.$34.00 Sale $20.00


Reg.$32.00  Sale $20.00

Cock Package
Reg.$36.00 Sale $26.00

Cock Blaster
Reg.$48.00 Sale $32.00

Chastity Slave
Reg.$34.00  Sale $23.00

Bulge Apex

Reg.$37.00  Sale $26.00

Bliss Cream Master

Reg.$38.00  Sale $26.00

Balls Out

Reg.$36.00  Sale $25.00

Black magic

Reg.$38.00 Sale $27.00

Beach Voyeur

Reg.$34.00  Sale $21.00

Male chastity gear on sale and ready to rock your world!

Angry Cock Cage

Reg.$49.00 Sale $29.00

Shaft magic
Reg.$39.00 Sale $19.00

Ring Master
Reg.$69.00 Sale $42.00

Man Whore Black
Reg.$69.00 Sale $42.00

Manless Ultra
Reg.$59.00 Sale $37.00

Lovely Maiden
Reg.$98.00 Sale $57.00

Cuckold Slave
Reg.$65.00 Sale $46.00

Cage X
Reg.$75.00 Sale $52.00

A Note from Me to You
Donít go to work or the gym if you are sick, and if you do get sick; make sure to pump lots of fluids. Starve a cold, feed a fever is bull shit. You need to feed both even if you do not feel like eating. Your body burns and needs more fuel when you are running a fever. Donít forget to do a little meditation each and every day. When you do not feel well, meditation can and does get you out of your body at least for a little while. If you feel great, meditation will make you feel even better. If it sounds like I am a cheerleader for mediation; itís true. The only thing I am missing is the cute little skirt and pompoms. I already have the cute matching panties. I have been practicing meditation for over thirty years off and on. I can say with confidence that it does have a positive effect on your body.
Also, make sure to get a flu shot next year. With so many different strains of flu hitting the country, it is very important to protect yourself as much as possible.

Michael David

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