Koala April Newsletter

What would you like to see on Youtube?
I was looking at some old Youtube clips we posted years ago and released. Lots of people have viewed them. As it warms up I’m going to start posting new clips including some with neoprene suits. I did a post the other day on the mensswimwearblog.com talking about using a model. Maybe Gabe will do it. Was just wondering if there are any special styles you would like to see clips in Youtube clips. Feel free to e-mail me at hinc28@socal.rr.com
I would love for you guys to post Youtube clips of yourselves wearing micro Koala swimsuits at your favorite spots. I would love to see them, and I would promote your clip on the mensswimwearblog.com if you would like. Just e-mail me the link to your clip.

Custom Engraving on Cock Rings!
About the time you receive this newsletter, there will be an all new option on our Made In The USA Aluminum cock rings. Custom engraving with up to 27 letters.  Say anything you want. Feel free to mark your property, make sure he knows he is your sissy or maybe just the love of your life. You get the idea. It is all custom made and takes about three working days. You will see the options with most of the aluminum cock rings. Custom engraving runs $29.00 plus the cost of the ring.

How is my ass coming along?
At 300 squats per day 5 days per week using a 50# dumb bell and, after 3 weeks, I am starting to see changes. These are changes you can see and feel. I am definitely getting a rounder, larger and firmer butt. It’s not Kim large, but I think it’s going to look much better this summer in a tiny thong or g-string. I might just switch to a yellow color suit since, in my opinion, yellow makes everything stand out a little bit more. If you are working this hard to make your ass a little smoother, rounder and more muscular, you might as well be showing it off a bit this summer. In my case, it will be more than a bit.

Neoprene is Awesome and We Are Adding More Designs
Our two neoprene swimsuits, the “Wet Slut Thong” and the “Skin Diver Bikini”, have been two of our hottest selling new introductions ever. We are already busy at work on three new neoprene designs including one femme style and two new bulge style suits. I should have the first samples by the time this newsletter reaches you. The second they get here I will be stripping off all my clothes and slipping them on. That is one of the most fun things I get to do at work. Even now, the anticipation is getting me hard.

What is the smash hit new product “Tango”?
God, I wish I had this product years ago! This is exactly the thought that went through my mind when I first tried on the “Tango” anyone that is used to wearing micro bikinis, thongs, G-strings and even tights and shorts will understand. This little silicone penis head cover is so ingenious I wish I thought of it, but at least I found it. It is a clear silicone cock cover that does a few things very well. It is designed as a precum/cum catcher, which is perfect for our sexy swimwear and workout wear that almost forces you to spill precum. It always has and still does to me. Wearing the Tango means never having to worry about a big wet spot on your suit when you are at the beach, by the hotel pool or at your next pool party. The second benefit, in my book, might just be the first benefit on many others men’s list. That is how much larger your cock looks in your spandex bulge suits. It even makes my little cock big and thick. This is a real attention getter for size rather than the usual for being so small. (Don’t get me wrong. Most of the time, I prefer it looking small, but it’s a nice luxury to be able to sport a solid piece of meat.)  Third, it is flexible enough to work well with femme style suits showing just a nub rather than a huge head when compressed down. We have ordered our second batch of them since the first sold out in under two weeks! The second batch will include the original clear, but we will be adding a nude skin color “Tango”, too.

A New Design and a New Personal Favorite Ass Spark
The Tear Drop Ass Spark has always been my personal favorite, and I have made mention of the fact in many previous posts. The way it fits and feels is as close to perfection that I have found when using a combo ass plug cock ring style unit. This style of Ass Spark works extremely well with all the plug powered swimwear designs. Lubing up that Tear Drop end and effortlessly sliding it in is always a delight. The standard Tear Drop Ass Spark will always be one of my favorite go to plugs, but there is a new big gun in town called “Tear Drop Ultra Ass Spark” The same great design with the easiest anal entry in the business, but with a much larger 40mm sized egg. I think I am ready to hit the beach with even more stimulation this summer, are you?

Multiple Anal Orgasms Are on Tap
Whether you are new to experimenting with the pleasure of anal sex or hard core into it, our new “Depth Charge” plug will offer you an orgasmic filled experience that you will want to duplicate over and over again. Many men enjoy the possibilities of multiple orgasms that anal sex offer. The Depth Charge is designed just for multiple orgasm anal sex. Constructed in heavy duty stainless steel, the Depth Charge will give you a lifetime of intense sexual gratification, you know you really want to try anal sex. Whether you do it yourself or enjoy the fun with a lover, the pleasure is awesome either way.

The Koala April Newsletter Sale!
Not all sale suits are available in all sizes, so shop early for the best selection.
Keep in mind we now do newsletters and sales every other month.

Alpha Male
Reg.$38.00  Sale $26.00


Ass Market Bikini
Reg.$33.00  Sale $24.00


Bulge Desire
Reg.$33.00 Sale $24.00


Cock Package Bikini
Reg.$36.00 Sale $25.00


Elation Bulge
Reg.$38.00 Sale $26.00


Fire Zone
Reg.$36.00 Sale $26.00


Grinder Micro
Reg.$37.00 Sale $25.00


Maximus Bikini
Reg.$38.00 Sale $24.00


Pantic Attac
Reg.$40.00 Sale $27.00


Pegging Brazil
Reg.$37.00 Sale $26.00


Reg.$36.00 Sale $24.00


Rear Assault Bikini
Reg.$38.00 Sale $27.00


Shy Slut
Reg.$34.00 Sale $22.00


Ass Invasion Semi Thong
Reg.$32.00 Sale $21.00


Reg.$35.00 Sale $21.00


Beach Voyeur
Reg.$34.00 Sale $20.00


Ego Booster
Reg.$34.00 Sale $21.00


Reg.$36.00 Sale $22.00


Mega Stretch
Reg.$36.00 Sale $22.00


Money Shot
Reg.$36.00 Sale $21.00


Muscle Bound
Reg.$38.00 Sale $21.00


Reg.$37.00 Sale $22.00


Pinnacle Bikini
Reg.$34.00 Sale $21.00


Prison Break
Reg.$36.00 Sale $22.00


Thunder Pouch
Reg.$38.00 Sale $23.00


Spread N Lubed
Reg.$38.00 Sale $21.00


Cock City Pouch
Reg.$29.00 Sale $20.00


Cock Worship
Reg.$37.00 Sale $25.00


Koala Ball Stretcher
Reg.$39.00 Sale $27.00


Reg.$36.00 Sale $24.00


Wicked Miss
Reg.$58.00 Sale $34.00


Reg.$66.00 Sale $39.00


Male Chastity Gear

Reg.$75.00 Sale $45.00


Lovely Maiden
Reg.$98.00 Sale $49.00


Reg.$75.00 Sale $47.00


Dominate Unisex Strap
Reg.$24.00 Sale $19.00


Personal Note
Interesting Book: No Skin in the Game by Nassim Taleb
Deep TV show on HBO: The Zen Diaries of Gary Shandling
Want to stay young and healthy? I think most of us would like that. At times, the simplest solutions are the most effective. Stay hydrated with lots of water! Get off your ass. Keep moving. Try not to sit for extended periods of time. Personally, I can’t stand sitting. I work at a desk that keeps me standing all day long (Mine has a treadmill in it, so often I am working and walking). If I decide to watch TV often I will sit on a large size exercise ball. They cost about $15.00 bucks and you can do a lot of core movement even while watching the tube. These balls are a lot of bang for your heath buck.
Incorporate these simple things into your daily routine and you will be amazed at the positive results in a short amount of time.

Peace and Love,
Michael David

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