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Resident Service Center
Address: 23920 Valencia Blvd., Suite 300
Phone: (661) 259-CITY [2489]
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The City of Santa Clarita is dedicated to providing excellent customer service to our citizens to ensure they enjoy a high quality of life. Please use our Resident Service Center to access City services and make online requests.
Your service request will be designated to a city department that will follow up to ensure the request is resolved in a timely manner.
Please note, the Resident Service Center answers non-emergency calls and any request of city services. The Resident Service Center is not monitored during the weekends, in the event of an emergency requiring the response of a police officer, please contact the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department at (661) 255-1121, or dial 911.
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The Street Maintenance Division is committed to the maintenance of the City's streets, public right-of-ways, and easements in a safe and aesthetically pleasing manner. The main objective of this Division is to ensure the safety and viability of the City's street system via two specific work crews. These crews provide asphalt and concrete maintenance as well as street signage and markings.

The primary activities of the Street Maintenance Division 

include sidewalk and pothole repair, road maintenance, traffic signal maintenance, traffic markings and striping, weed abatement in public right-of-ways, traffic control, and initial emergency response. In addition, the Division provides assistance to the Sheriff's Department as needed. sign

To report a pothole in one of the City's streets, a traffic signal that is out, or a streetlight that is out, please use the City's Online Service Request System.

City Departments
City Manager's Office 
City Manager Ken Striplin

Assistant City Manager: Frank Oviedo
Public Information Officer: Carrie Lujan, 661-255-4314

Economic Development: 661-259-2489

Mayor and City Council: 661-255-4395

Administrative Services
Director of Administrative Services: Carmen Magaña

City Clerk:  661-255-4391

Finance: 661-255-4920

Purchasing: 661-286-4178

Technology Services: 661-286-4070 

Neighborhood Services
Deputy City Manager: Darren Hernández

Environmental Services: 661-286-4098

Landscape Maintenance Districts: 661-290-2200

Parks: 661-286-4000

Transit: 661-294-1BUS (294-1287)

Public Works
Director of Public Works: Robert Newman

Building and Safety: 661-255-4935

Capital Improvement Projects: 661-286-4135

Engineering Services: 661-255-4942

Street Maintenance: 661-294-2520 

Traffic: 661-255-4942 

Recreation, Community Services, Arts, and Open Space
Director of Recreation, Community Services, Arts and Open Space: Rick Gould

Arts & Events Office: 661-250-3787

Community Services: 661-255-4965

Drug Education / SANE: 661-255-4990

Emergency Management: 661-286-4093

Recreation: 661-250-3700

Sports Complex (The Centre): 661-250-3703

Sports Complex (Aquatic Center): 661-250-3740

Sports Complex Gymnasium: 661-250-3758 

Youth Sports: 661-250-3756

Community Development
Director of Community Development: Tom Cole

Affordable Housing
Community Preservation: 661-286-4076

Planning / Zoning: 661-255-4330

Fire Department
Business Calls: 661-259-2111

Sheriff's Department
Business Calls: 661-255-1121

Resident Service Center

By: SCV Look
Office (661) 259-CITY [2489]
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